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Arthur Avenue and Broadway

The Motor Parkway crossed Stewart Avenue in Bethpage and ran parallel to Arthur Avenue which as shown on the map at left is just north of it. Also shown on the map just under where I've inserted "Motor Parkway" is a street appropriately named Motor Lane.

Remnants of the original roadway are evident in a stretch of wooded area just before it crossed Broadway; on the map I've put a blue line to indicate the approximate location. The pictures that follow were taken in October of 2011 and show the original roadway which I believe was uncovered as a result of work done by a local utility. You can see 8 yellow utility markers which on previous tours of the area I hadn't noticed. The pictures were taken in the somewhat cleared away wooded area running along Arthur Avenue, running east and west between Leroy Avenue and Broadway. After crossing Broadway (my next page details the posts found on the east side of Broadway) the parkway entered the area known as Deadman's Curve, which I've documented in detail on the next couple of pages. Deadman's curve is very evident on the 1950 Hagstrom's map at left. 

This photo from 2000 shows the area I'm discussing. The parkway ran left to right in the middle of the picture with Arthur Avenue directly to its north and Broadway running north and south on the right side. The roadway is found in the woods between the open area and Arthur Avenue.

Assorted Pictures

This picture was taken looking east towards the corner of Arthur Avenue and Broadway. The white house seen through the trees in the middle left of the picture was standing during the time of the Motor Parkway and has multiple parkway posts on its property. Details and pictures are on the next page. The original Motor Parkway roadway is found in the pavement leading up to the yellow utility posts (no, these are not original Parkway posts). A picture of this location taken a few years earlier and looking west does not show any of the utility posts (the picture is on the next page).

This is looking west today and shows the roadway appearing through the dirt.

Another shot looking west with Arthur Avenue appearing through the trees on the right.

A close up of the original roadway!

And of course, some wheels from some type of vehicle found in the area.