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Hicksville-Massapequa Road (2015/16)

The Motor Parkway traveled between Wantagh Avenue and Hicksville-Massapequa Road on property now used by the Nassau County PD's 8th Precinct. A Motor Parkway lodge (along with an original parkway garage still standing) were once located here; additional information can be found on

These pictures were taken in Dec., 2015 and Jan., 2016 and along with the maps give a good feel for the stretch of parkway located here. The parkway continued across Hicksville-Massapequa Road through what are now backyards for houses on Avoca Avenue and Hicksville Road Court.


1950 Hagstroms

The blue oval is where the precinct now stands with some posts found along the driveway.

Other posts are found across the street 

Newsday Article (Feb., 1959)

Precinct Driveway Posts

Posts Across the Street