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Updated Views of Motor Parkway Roadway

These pictures were taken in March, 2009 and show this section of the Motor Parkway in much better condition than in the previous page. Thanks to members of the Motor Parkway Panel, the path has been cleared and the roadway is very much in walkable condition. Previously, one had to battle weeds, thorns, and litter to get from the railroad tracks to Roslyn Road. 

This picture shows Croydon Court which is the access point to get to the roadway which sits top of the bushes on the right; the next pic shows the path that has been clearned to get up there.

The last three pictures on this page are of posts that are further away from the roadway, and which were probably part of the access road leading to and from the toll house. These posts are in the distance in the center of each picture as I did not want to put myself on someone else's property; I am not 100% sure they are actually Parkway posts, but I believe them to be.