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More Dead Man's Curve (with Posts)

The following pictures were taken on a trip to Dead Man's Curve in the fall of 2004. Walking north on the right of way and parallel to North Hermann Ave. (which I detailed in the previous Dead Man's Curve page), I attempted to look further into the bushes to see if any posts were there that might not have been visible during previous visits due to the brush being overgrown. Well, after a few minutes of walking, I was right. Looking west towards North Hermann, I was able to clearly make out several posts that actually bordered a house at the end of Jasp Court, which is a short street beginning at North Hermann and ending as a dead end at the right of way. After exploring the dead end at Jasp Court, I went to the end of Williams Street which also dead ends at the right of way. Two pictures at the end of this page show what I found there.

A View Thru the Trees

This is a view taken from the right of way looking west towards Jasp Court (visible in the center of the picture). There are two posts hidden between the trees in the lower half of the picture (off the left of center). These posts are near the last house on the sourthern side of Jssp Court and which the next set of pictures show very cleary.

Jasp Court

I walked throught the bushes closer to the point where Jasp Court meets the right of way as a dead end. The posts are on the property of a homeowner who came to check me out as to why I was taking pictures.

Here are more posts that border the homeowner's property. When I told him what I was doing, he said he knew about the Motor Parkway running on the side of his property but he was not aware of the significance of the posts. He said it was good that he met me, since he was going to shortly pull out the posts but now would not. Let's hope not.

Here are three posts forming the property edge.

Assorted Close-Ups

William Street Dead End

William Street dead ends at the right of way just as Jasp Court does, so I thought there might be more posts from the Motor Parkway to be found. This picture is looking from the end of William Street into the right of way (on the right side of the dead end). A Motor Parkway post is clearly visible at the bottom right of the picture along with two wooden posts.

Close up of the William Street post shown in the previous picture.