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April, 2009

These are some photos taken in April, 2009 of Dead Man's Curve, after a very thorough clean up undertaken by I'm not actually sure.  Need to research this and update the page with proper credit.  However, the entire roadway is now completely visible and is able to be ridden on (by bike of course) or walked on (except for areas bordering private homes).  The first shots are close to North Hermann Avenue and the later shots are at the other end approaching Central Avenue.  Enjoy.

Beginning Part of Exposed Curve

This first shot shows the entrance to Dead Man's Curve from North Hermann
Avenue.  A path has been cleared for easy access with the roadway on the left. 

North to Central Avenue

These next photos show the roadway heading north towards Central Avenue.   The road crossed over Central Avenue and the Long Island Rail Road; both are shown in some of these pictures. The first picture shows where the parkway went over Central Avenue, which is directly after the patch of trees.   A patch of the original road is visible through the grass, just right of the tall grass in this picture and shown up close in the following pictures.  

What would a picture of the original roadway be without an automobile relic?  Its not a post, and not from the days of the Motor Parkway, but highly appropriate here.  Over the ridge is Central Avenue shown in more detail in the next two pictures,the latter also showing the Long Island Rail Road.

The next pictures are from the north side of Central Avenue; the first looking south across Central Avenue towards the motor parkway, the second showing what might be a piece of the original roadway.

The pics below show the headquarters of Long Island's first supermarket, King Kullen which is directly to the east of the Motor Parkway roadway on Central Avenue.  Appropriate, I guess that a piece of America's first automobile toll road would be in direct sight.