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More From Raymond Court Access Point

Continuing from the previous page, this set of photos follows the Motor Parkway from the current day access point at the end of Raymond Court in Garden City (north from Stewart Ave.) and east towards Roosevelt Field. Directly south of the path at the point where Raymond Court meets it is a private home, followed by a LIPA electrical tower. Further west is an unused parking lot, which is accessible off of Stewart Ave. and offers excellent views of the posts you will see on this page (except in spring and summer). The area is overgrown with vegetation during the nice weather - these pictures were taken in Feb. of 2004, exposing much more of what we're interested in. Enjoy the view.

LIPA Tower

This is again looking east towards Roosevelt Field and shows the LIPA tower that sits directly south of where all the posts in this area are found. There is a metal fence along the southern edge of the path which has many Motor Parkway posts alongside.

LIPA Tower Close-Up

This picture shows the LIPA tower (with tree limbs intertwined) with a Motor Parkway post nearly directly beneath it.

Looking East

Posts are very evident along only this side (south) of the path as these photos show. Looking closely past the first post in this picture, you can see a couple more. These are all lined up against the metal fence discussed above.

South of these posts is the unused parking lot off of Stewart Avenue which allows views into the path of the Motor Parkway when the vegetation is not overgrown.

Looking East

Towards the end of the path there are embankments that may or may not have been there during the days of the Motor Parkway. Over these lie Roosevelt Field.

Eastern Most View

This shows the view from the eastern most end of the Motor Parkway path in this area. The parking lot for Roosevelt Field is clearly visable with Nordstrom's in the background. This view is not possible in the nice weather - the brush is too overgrown to access this vantage point.

Eastern Most View

This shows a very pristine view of the path looking west back towards Raymond Court. My Corolla is parked at the end of Raymond Court in the distance.

Pavement Found Along The Way

The only piece of roadway I could find on the east side of Raymond Court.