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East Williston

Wheatley Hills Golf Club

The Motor Parkway (in blue) ran primarily north-south in East Williston, directly through the Wheatley Hills Golf Club, and west of today's Northern State Parkway. The Club is on the north side of East Williston Avenue (25B on the map) with several Motor Parkway posts lining both sides of 25B. The following Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper articles are from May and June of 1914 and describe the Motor Parkway in relation to the golf club. The photos show the posts which are very noticeable, albeit through some bushes.

May 4, 1914

June 5, 1914

Posts on North Side

These two pictures show posts on the north side of East Williston Avenue, lining the perimeter of the Golf Club. They are in good condition.

The fence of the Golf Club is noticeable behind tne posts and vegetation.

Across East Williston Avenue

Looking south across East Williston Avenue are a few posts lining the road. Again, these are in very good condition.

Close up of posts on south side of East Williston Avenue.

South Side Posts