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Levittown Grandstand Area

This page will detail the Long Island Motor Parkway as it ran east and west through Levittown. The Parkway, as can be seen in the blue outline in the following map from the Meenan Oil Company (pre-1954) and Google Earth picture, ran between Orchid Road on the south and Woodcock Lane on the north (beginning at Pintail Lane, the street going from top to bottom on the left side of the picture). The map also shows the Parkway crossing North Wantagh Road on the right near the Levittown Fire Department and the Nassau County Police Precinct. The map also has the old railway right of way of the LIRR's Central Branch (and indicates "no tracks"). One last note on the map is the current location of the this site's home indicated as AK 1956.

This stretch of the roadway is where the grandstand for the Vanderbilt Races was located (see postcard above) and continues for a few miles east with backyards on either side of it.

These next set of pictures show Pintail Lane and Heron Lane. Although there is what looks like roadway on the east side of Pintail these are actually the remains of the Pintal Lane elementary school which opened in the 1950s and remained open until 1976. I'm not definite as to the demolition date, but there hasn't been anything there since. Unfortunately, there is a metal fence blocking entry into this part of the Grandstand area.

As of Jan., 2017 Heron Lane is poised to have some houses built on it where the Motor Parkway crosses it, but so far no excavations have begun.

The photo on the left shows the house on the west side of Pintail Lane that probably sits on top of the LIMP roadway.

The remains of the Pintail elementary school.

Heron Lane

This is the LIMP viewed west from Heron Lane, towards Pintail Lane (the white house in the center rear is the house shown above on the west side of Pintail).

Below shows the opposite side of Heron, until recently this area was accessible however, since the area has been slated for development a gate has been erected. Also below is a picture of what I suspect to be LIMP roadway found in the area.