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Maxess Road Bridge

This page shows the remains of north and south abutments of a bridge (dated 1910) that went over the Motor Parkway near Route 110 in Suffolk County.  Located near Maxess and Duryea Roads in Melville, the bridge was supposedly used as a pedastrian walkway connecting two parts of a farm.  The Town on Huntington and Oxford Management Services (whose building is adjacent to the Motor Parkway and bridge site) erected a marker as shown below near the site in 2004.   I will soon update the page to show how the area looks in October of 2015.  Besides housing being built on the south side of the Parkway right of way, it has stayed pretty much the same.

This shows the marker on the east side of Maxess Road, looking west across Maxess into a path that leads to Route 110. There's ample evidence of the roadway on this path which will be shown on a future page.













 Approaching the bridge from the west, looking east

 This is a picture approaching the bridge from the west on the path mentioned above. The bridge itself is at the rear of the front parking lot (you can some cars in this shot). Its a good bet that the path shown here leading up to the bridge is the Motor Parkway and which can be entered south of a Bank of NY building on the east side of Route 110.


 The picture on the left was taken in the summer of 2003 prior to the site being cleaned up. It was hard to find the 1910 date but is quite evident in the next set of pictures.  The picture on the right is from 2005.

The Motor Parkway ran east and west under the bridge and continued for about 50 yards into a wooded area. The path is bordered on the north by backyards and homes and the south is bordered by abandoned farm property (in 2015 this property was being developed with condos). This view in December is markedly different than the previous picture which show a great deal of vegetation. The next picture show an even greater degree of clean-up.


Interesting Clean-Up

The pictures below were taken in August, 2005 and show the abutments completely free of vegetation, but also without the accompanying ground and dirt. The areas on either side have been removed allowing for greater access to the rear of the bridge (possibly for more parking for the OMS employees). As of 2015 this never happened and OMS does not occupy the building anymore. 


Looking from north to south


The next picture, taken before the recent clean up, is looking north, away from the north abutment. Unfortunately as the above picture shows, this path may not be as it was two years ago. The path didn't go much further than what you see here. Also, there is nothing beyond the south abutment except the abandoned farm mentioned earlier and the back of a building.


1910 very clearly marked



Most recent pictures taken October, 2015

Note the condos being built on the south side of the property on left photo below



November, 2016 Picture