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Motor Parkway Bridge

The page shows photos of a bridge that ran over the Motor Parkway in Manhasset Hills. The bridge is shown on the attached 1950 map with a red star (right, center). It sits at the end of today's Old Courthouse Road, which at the time of this map was named Plattsdale Road. Plattsdale Road intersected with Shelter Rock Road on its eastern end. The Long Island Motor Parkway ran east and west below this bridge. The Parkway appears to border the properties of H. Minton and Henry R. Stern. The Northern State Parkway intersected with the Motor Parkway east of New Hyde Park Road.

Old Courthouse Road Bridge

This view is looking west towards New Hyde Park Road. The bridge is located east of New Hyde Park Road at the northern most end of Old Courthouse Road. Its obviously not in use today as the northern side (to the right in this picture) stops at a metal cyclone fence which has the back of a housing development on its other side. Interesting that someone was considerate of us Motor Parkway enthusiasts by placing a recliner under the bridge (left side of the picture). Now all we need is an iced tea stand. The pictures that follow were taken in the summer of 2003 and the winter of 2004. I'm sure you can tell which goes with what season. However, as the winter pictures were taken after some heavy rainfalls, these shots were taken from above as the path of Motor Parkway was quite drenched. The summer ones allowed me to go down the embankments for some shots from down under.

View From Old Courthouse Road

This and the next picture were taken at the end of Old Courthouse Road, looking north (the next was actually taken closer to the bridge, past the dead end sign in this picture). The Motor Parkway ran underneath as other pictures indicate. The far side of this picture is where the cyclone fence is and the backyard of the housing development is.

Examples of Posts Found

Here are some posts on the east side of the bridge (you can see the metal post of the cyclone fence towards the left of the picture). Directly to the east of this is the embankment leading down to the Motor Parkway path.

Close up of a post on the eastern side of the bridge.

Three In A Row

These three posts are on the west side of the bridge. Notice the building on the far side of the picture on the other side of the cyclone fence. Too bad the building wasn't up at the time of the Motor Parkway - its residents would have a perfect view of the motor cars traveling at the breakneck speed of 40 mph.

Looking West From Atop the Bridge

This picture was taken looking due west from atop the bridge. The path of the Motor Parkway runs along backyards with telephone poles lining its route.


This bridge abutment is on the northeast side of the bridge.


This clearly shows the date of construction to be 1909.