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East of Mineola (Roslyn) Road

Continuing from the previous page, these photos show the Motor Parkway east of Mineola (Roslyn) Road - the section that's shaded in purple on the map. The roadway today is used as a driveway into a utility facility. Many posts remain here.

These posts are on the north side of the entranceway to the utility facility. A LIPA electric tower is behind the posts. View is looking east into the entranceway.

The same posts from the previous photos are in the background with others shown in the foreground. This view is looking west towards Roslyn Road.

More Posts

More posts line the entranceway on the north side.

Full Length View of Entranceway

This shows the length of the entranceway looking west towards Roslyn Road. The posts are on the north side of the roadway which is the right side of the photo.