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This page shows the Motor Parkway extending from Route 110 (Broadhollow Road) eastward to Maxess Road in Melville. Passing over Maxess Road, the roadway takes you to two abutments of a pedestrian walkway going over the roadway and which is detailed in the next page. 

The area is accessible from a path starting behind the northern section of the parking lot of 555 Broadhollow Road. Its easily walkable and has a few posts and original roadway, among other debris.

Maps are dated below (1952 is the date of the map here) and the pictures were taken in April of 2018 (wow, I can't believe I've had the website up for about 14 years now!). As the maps show, through the years, The Long Island Motor Parkway organization bought up much of the area around the roadway for one purpose or another.