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Looking West

This is my friend Joel standing on what we believe to be the path of the Motor Parkway, north of Spagnoli Road in Bethpage. The pictures on this page were all taken in late February, 2004 and were taken in the vicinity of the previous Spagnoli Road page. However, these pictures follow the suspected route of the Motor Parkway west towards Round Swamp Road, starting in the vicinity of the bridge located in the Old Bethpage Restoration Village.

Posts Along the Way

This post was found along the green fence mentioned earlier, a bit further west of the pictures taken in the earlier Spagnoli Road page. The fence still appears to be the border of the Old Bethpage Village Restoration, mentioned in other pages.

Here's the previous post with what looks to be a piece of Motor Parkway roadway at its base.

Among the brush we encountered posts very much intact. Here's a few of what can be found.